Is he busy, losing interest or just comfortable?

Dating a 27 year old engineer. He typically works till the afternoon 5 days a week. Goes to the gun range, spends time with his grandmother or with a friend. He doesn't have television or anything to occupy him at home really...

When we started talking we would talk often but it is about two months in and we are not talking as much. He doesn't text me every morning or every night. He calls me sometimes. He tells me I am his girl and that I am precious. I just don't know anymore...

The other day I slept at his house and he asked me to check the time so I went to the living room and looked at his phone to see the time... Some female had texted him about "I hope you feel better..." I didn't log into his phone it was just on the lock screen.

We made plans already to see each other this weekend... Do you think he is just busy, is losing interest or just comfortable. ?

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  • I hope you feel better? I think he said he was sick to some other chick. Gah, I hate this. He's comfortable alright, not treating you too seriously, but giving just enough to go on. Dont break it up yet. Wait a little while more.

    • He had a hang over - lol which made me feel like he was out with her the night before when he wasn't responding to me... but he says he was with his guy friend. I think I will be patient though.