Is it too desperate to tell girl that I miss her through an online message?

I haven't seen her for a month almost and we used to see a lot of each other during the summer till she moved away fro school. I was thinking of trying to get her attention by sending her a very short message to one of her online profiles likely her Twitter page , I have messaged her fb before but found the messages I send there got too long and annoyed her so trying to keep it short

anyways was just planning on commenting on her new life in the big city and saying I missed her back home something short and too point. but is this too desperate? do you think she'll even care if she's already moved away anyways?


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  • Awe, that's cute, keep it short and just send a little check up message


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  • I wouldn't think it was desperate. I think it would be sweet, it's always nice to know someone cares enough to miss you.


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