How would you want a guy to ask you out?

Not asking what you think is a good place. Simply asking a cute and impressive way to do it, as I try to make my actions memorable.


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  • My friend wrote on a set of cards, 52 reasons why you should go out with me. Really cute


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  • If you know her somewhat, don't ask. Tell her 'I'm going to 'place' and I want you to come with me.' Be assertive and show her you want her. Or ask her in front of everyone. Or dedicate a song and ask her out in the radio

  • Put it in words on a pizza
    It's my favorite dish

  • The thing is, I dont need extravagance. I am shy. I would just melt if my crush walked up to me alone and just said " hey um... Do you maybe wanna catch a movie with me on the weekend" and looks at the ground shyly, hen at my eyes. That is my dream come true like it is fantastic.

    If the girl is more head in the clouds than down to earth than try putting 100 pingpong balls in her locker or somewhere that all say will you go out with me.

    • I did dis a couple days ago and it was a disasters -_-

    • Whats with the negativity? Come on, be optimstic, not downgrading others trying to help.

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