What does it mean when a man says this?

Note : If she cheats I will apologize?

I didn't ever cheat on him but he cheated on me. He also broke up with me and I have him on Facebook. I see it and was like huh? That's why I ask the question. I still love him, want to be with him, care for him but I am waiting for him to reach out


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  • he thinks he's the problem that led you to cheat on him to begin with and he admits and accepts it.

    • Cool, but he hasn't message me in 2 months but post things online about our pass relationship. I want to tell him so bad, I love him, I want to be with him but I don't suppose chase a man so I am moving on with life but seeing what he's gonna do too.

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    • i see your update now. well no reason for you to chase him he did all that bad shit to you.

    • Yes, I am not. Thank You :)

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  • Someone said that women cheat because they don't feel 'loved' and men cheat because they don't feel 'needed!

    • I didn't cheat. He did and broke up with me and we haven't talked for 2 months. Now he's online posting all kind of things regarding our pass relationship and I didn't understand what that meant. That's all so

  • It means he thinks it's his fault if she cheats because he's not doing his job,

    • He didn't have a job, no education, no car and was living with his mother. But he had a good personality and really treated me correct in the beginning. I gave him a chance and he did start working, paying bills. He cheat and I found out about. We got into a big argument because I was faithful to him. I would work, go school, come home cook and clean. I didn't go clubbing or be out in trouble. The main places were home or over family's house. He broke up with me after leaving the state, so I guess now he's starting to realize he messed up, that's why he's posting such online.

    • So a cheater with no education and no job? I can see why you're dying to get him back

    • NOPE! I haven't contacted him at all and I have proceed to enjoy me. I get what you are saying though thanks

  • You must have a thing for bad boys. Look, men are slow.. he is starting to realize the errors of his ways after being alone for a while. Reality has set in. He seems like more of a burden than a blessing, peace.

    • UH NO SORRY! He just starting acting like this the last year before we broke up and okay.

  • The guy's implying it's his fault. If he did everything "right" then she never would have strayed.

    • I didn't cheat on him I was faithful;. He cheated, lied and kept playing games with me. I gave him so many chances and he just didn't care. So he broke up with me and I delete him as a friend offline. He in turn block me and we haven't spoke in 2 months. But he's posting such online about love, dating and forgiveness. So maybe now he's starting to admit and realize I was good to him, meaning he mad a mistake.

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