How come a man breaks up with you and gets online posting things directed toward you?

He cheats, lies while I was being totally faithful. I delete him from Facebook as a friend and he blocks me. Now he's posting things about love and such. I haven't spoken to him in 2 months. I love him, I care for him and want to give it another shot. I just don't wanna contact him but see if he will reach out to me. Am I doing the right thing? No I have moved on with college, work and having some fun. I am single still with no kids but he doesn't know I am. Nor does he know how I feel about him either. I want to reach out but I end up not.

I have already because I have a date tomorrow for breakfast. I delete him off , thanks for the advice!


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  • "He cheats, lies while I was being totally faithful"

    And you want to give him another shot? And you stalk him on facebook?

    MOVE ON!


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  • Ask yourself if it actually matters. He's probably dealing with his own bs right now but who cares.

  • He knows you'll see it, and as long as you're paying attention... he still has you... or hope.


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