How can I get a guy to like me?

I'm in highschool and guys always ignore me. I mean, i have guys who are friends but never anything else. I'm really quiet but i try to smile a lot and be approachable and maybe its because I'm shy, but how can I get a (particular) guy to like me? Because it obviously hasn't worked so far...


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  • You cant. Some will and some won't. I can't get a girl to like me even still at 21 and they always ignore me but don't let it get you down, especially if it's just in high school. I couldn't even get a wink back then or even just a simple hello. Just try to be positive and fun to be around, have a like able personality. I'm extremely shy myself but get out of your comfort zone a bit and you'll start to feel more outgoing over time. It worked for me.


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  • You should just talk to him (any particular guy you are interested in). Find out the things he's interested in and figure out if you have anything in common. Then you can just go off of that and make a connection based on the things you have in common.

    At this point, you may just need to try to break out of your shell a little. It's okay to make the first move, even if you're shy you can still try to strike up a conversation. Of course, nothing is guaranteed to make anyone like you. A guy either will or he won't. But if you try and it fails, you can always try again. I'm sure you'll find a great guy who will like you eventually :)