What should I do people?

Ok so this is complicated, and may piss some people off, but I've kind of fallen for a married girl I work with, and I'm married too. When I first started she gave me all these signs and would stare at me in meetings, blush around me, act super nervous, and find ways to be around me. We started walking and talking together almost everyday, but she'd disappear on me then come back over and over again. This made me upset so I tried to talk about other girls around her, and would ignore her off and on. Over time she showed signs of liking my buddy, by flirting with him sometimes right in front of me. I ignored her for almost 2 months at one point, and my buddy tell us one day at lunch that she's always following him out to the parking lot and they are walking and talking everyday like her and I used to. He even said it was "creeping him out" although he also told me one night that she was the hottest girl at work. He's also like 3 years younger than us. So anyways this made me jealous when he told me and I started talking to her again. We became friends again strongly, but then he left and I backed off her again. The jealousy thing really gets me going.

Anyways, he's back now and I feel like she's doing it again, and it's driving me mad. She did it today, walked out behind him leaving, but they weren't talking she was just a bit behind him. Yesterday her and I bumped into each other and seemed excited to talk. There are two spots open in her department and I"m taking one of the jobs, and we're speculating who the other will be. She asked if I knew and I said hopefully it's Jason (my bud) and she said me too. She started blushing and I kind of tried to feel her out about it. She didn't break eye contact with me while doing it or anything, so I I felt like we were both trying to get a read on each other. Then she asked me who else I thought it could be and I said Whitney (a cute girl that doesn't works with us). She got dead quiet, and the convo died down.

So basically, I don't know what to do. I can't hide this or go on with wondering if oh she likes him not me shit. I need to get past this. Part of me wants to ask her to coffee and just tell her what's on my mind. Like how we were friends and things
got weird. Tell her that I had a crush on her and became a little jealous when my buddy told me they are walking together like her and I did. I want to put an end to the jealousy stuff (if that's what's up) so that I can go on with my work. THoughtS?


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  • My suggestion to both of you would be to end contact & realize that you're both married. I feel bad for this woman's husband, she seems to be trying to get with some dude for an extra affair, & I don't think anyone would appreciate that. Also, consider your wife, & think does she deserve to be cheated on? How would you feel if she cheated on you? You can do what you want, the choice is yours, but remember, what goes around comes around.

    • She doesn't really seem like the type that would do that but I don't know. I don't understand why she ran to my buddy when I ignored her after her and I talked for months as friends. My wife and I have been having major issues and is a moot issue at this point.

    • I'm sorry to hear about your wife, I hope you two can work it out, best of luck

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  • listen to yourself, you keep talking about this girl from work, you are taking your wife for granted, and only thinking of yourself, do u not feel bad? like... wow... I feel very sorry for your wife. all I have to say.

    • Don't feel sorry for her. I know that she has been cheating on me.

      What about this other girl. Why does she act like that?

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    • Yup what?

  • Tell her everything you feel

    • Why do you say so?

    • Because leaving it unsaid will leave you to question what could have been if only I took that chance. I wouldn't want die with this one regret.

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  • Nothing good can come of this. Find another job ASAP. That's my advice.

    But like a moth drawn to the flame you'll no doubt ask her out for coffee. Good luck.

    • Haha, should I not? I feel like I need to get it off my chest. What is up with her bro?

  • You ask variations on this question over and over again. What do you want with this chick?

  • Continue on like it was nothin. You are married, she is married.

    In fact she sounds like a creep, from your explanation and logic