How do you ask a girl out in/from class? (College)

There are many different class settings. I'm interested in any advice on asking out a girl in your class (ie: Large Lecture Hall, Lab where you are partners, lab where you are not partners... etc), but this specific class is assigned seating. It's a writing intensive course, so there is no studying either. I have no excuse to talk to her or be anywhere near her, as we sit relatively far away from each other.
So that is the gist, so feel free to stop reading there.
I can't say say I really know the girl very well, so this is less of a I really like you and I want to be more than friends type deal and more of a I find you attractive visually and intellectually kind of thing. The extent of my exposure has been her answering questions in class as well as me getting distracted and looking at her instead of listening in class. Congrats if you made it this far! I don't understand how I can struggle typing essays and then gush on here for practically 1000 words smh. Thanks for any advice.


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  • When you're all leaving class, go up to her (introduce yourself if you haven't already) and ask her for coffee. A casual date like that is harmless enough.


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