Please read this convo. Did he text the wrong girl?

I met this guy online and on Saturday I asked if we should meet on Wednesday (tomorrow). He said yes. by the way he never initiates texts and this morning surprisingly he did. This was the convo.

He:Hey there
Me:Hi Chris, enjoying your free day
He:Free day? Haha I'm at work lol
He:How are you
Me:Just got done work. How's your day?
Me:Btw do you still want to meet up tomorrow?
He:Day was great. Left work at like 3. Yes I'd like to if you still wanna
Me:Umm do you have a place in mind?
He:You're in Princeton right?
Me:Lol are you kidding. I'm in Philly
He:Hehe sorry I am an idiot. Let's go to Kyber pass in Penns landing
Me:Lol did you confuse me with someone else... classic haha
He:haha no not at all. I genuinely thought you were in Princeton.
Me:Ok at what time?

Now it's three hours since I sent the last text and still no reply from him. Really? does it take that long for him to come up with a time? I think he thought he was texting a different girl all day and just gave me a place when he got caught. What do you guys think? Should I even reply back? or forget it?

well he responded and gave me a time and planned to meet me today and then he stood me up!!! I guess he texted the wrong girl after all haha. Well another loser so I am moving on.


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  • As a fellow dating site member, it really is possible that he thought you were somewhere else and was sure hrre was talking to the right person. I've done it plenty of times. Never on purpose of course. He may have not looked at your profile after the initial conversation took place. As I guy I have a horrible memory of where people live. Don't read into it to much, and from the copy of the text he was asking to make sure looks like.

    • Just saw the update on this, im sorry to hear that. As a fellow guy I can say that we can be real ass-hats at times

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  • mmm I think you're overthinking this. I call girls by the wrong name from time to time. and I also happen to mess up naming where they live hahaa :D


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  • I don't see anything suspicious. I mean, it is possible. You met him on a singles site. Most people are talking to several people. Don't make him out to be unfaithful before you even go out with him. He may have been offended that you even assumed he was like that. It may have turned him off to you right away. Bite your tongue next time when there is no solid proof. I would bepissed if some guy automatically assumed that I was like that and I would ignore him or tell him something about it. Don't accuse when you don't know the person.

    • OMG do you think I offended him? I just said it to not sound serious and to make light out of it. ughh should I apologize?

    • I don't know if you did or not, but it's possible. It may make him think you are one of those girls always accusing a guy of cheating. I can see how you were joking, but many things are lost in translation via text. He may have misunderstood. I'd wait it out a bit longer and see what happens. If you don't hear from him soon, either you were right and he had the wrong girl, you rubbed him the wrong way or he is busy at work. I don't know what tome it is where you arr and what his work schedule is.

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