Fun date ideas for adults?

Okay, so we have done the whole dinner and a movie thing several times. I've tried to do some research on date ideas, but I need something that ise easy, fun and doesn't involve a kitchen lol.

My bf is renovating his house, and right now he's working on the kitchen. It's all torn apart so we have no way of using it to eat or cook.

I would have him over at my place, but that isn't a possibility either.

I was thinking of giving him a massage, or making dinner and then bringing it to his place. I'm just not sure if we would be able to heat it up if we need to.

We both like food, and walking. I was also thinking of doing a picnic in the backyard as it's going to be nice this weekend. But I'm not sure what food I should make for that.


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  • I was going to say, depends on where you live, but if it is nice out, try a nice park, beach area, something like that. Go feed the ducks, or find a petting zoo, something simple/fun like that. We enjoy days like that and usually hit up one of those chip wagons, or food trucks for dinner. Doesn't have to be something romantic with candles every time.


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