Do you girls really think that guy should act of dating dozen girls to get you more interested in him?

So hello everyone,

The question is simple. I find it really weird that little communication is better for getting a date.

If I like someone, I will try to have communication with her. I genuinely would like to know if she had a good day. Apparently in a dating game it seemed to the less you care about the girl the more she is attracted to you. I mean really?

Doesn't it validates the thought that girl is nothing but a use and throw item? Why would a girl wants to validate it? How come its not like, if he doesn't even care to respond properly how in the heaven is he going to care about me or respect me?

Isn't the communication is the one of the strong base of anything? Why do we choose to shoot the arrow in the dark and hope the guy or girl would be the exactly what I am looking for? I mean why even waste a time in playing mind games of texting?

How it makes a person needy or desperate if he or she chooses to simply follow the heart and try his or her best to get one.

Just because someone hurt your ego by not responding, he or she becomes more attractive. Someone cares to respond than he or she is nothing but needy, have no life and desperate, really is it so?

I always choose to respect of someone's taking a time to text me so I respond back asap but it makes me needy and desperate. I MAKE TIME for them. In reality are we actually going to date a CEO so he or she doesn't have time and have tons of shit to deal with?

Now I think I am getting the point that why players always win, I guess. I don't even care but surely would like to know the girl's perspective. I choose to treat a woman as a human being. Wish if they could also reciprocate the basic values. One thing is for sure respect doesn't get you anywhere but being asswhole would definitely get you somewhere.

Please would you like to share your thoughts?


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  • its true and not true. im straight honest with girls in my class and they call me an asshole but they have crushes on me. i just couldn't care less really hahaa. people call me a natural flirt. its good that you value communication and respect and know how important those things go hand in hand but in this generation, and at least where im from in SoCal, the way i am gets me dates. and i would describe that as, open, funny, straight honest (example; why are you wearing so much makeup?) and just making fun of them. i just dont care and it seems to work:P but its not all good man, it only goes so far so dont think that you're missing out cause you have a set of strong values.


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  • I don't mind the communication, but I agree with the other person, sometimes too much too soon makes a girl feel pressured. I'm in that situation now, I love that we talk and that he makes time for me but he said he missed me, and wants to see me blah blah. Makes me feel pressure for this to turn into something more than casual too soon. Though I don't waste my time on assholes who make no time for me.. if you can't simply reply to a message or a call and say you'll get back to me in a few hours or day or so bc you're swamped.. keep stepping. I also refuse to deal with some one who won't respect me bc they say they're being honest (guy below) asking a girl why she has on so much make up is very rude, I'd be pissed if you said that to me. Now simply telling her she's beautiful and that she's prob even more so with out it would be a better approach. But persobally, I'd call you a dick and wouldn't talk to you, much less go on a date with you.

  • You need to communicate as often and as intimately as the relationship has developed. Too much too soon makes a person feel pressured when they may want to move slowly and not spend a lot of time and energy until the bond develops naturally. Texting for joys can be a drag for a lot of people as well. You're more likely to get repeated response if the conversations don't just drag on endlessly.

    • My dear, does really it has to be only about date? Wouldn't you like to have bit more information so that you can at least try to make a great day out in the least.

      Moving slowly has nothing to do with the common conversation. Its actually funny when I see people living together but say we are taking things slowly.

      Isn't it also a be littling of another person character to assume if he or she is trying to have conversation, he or she must be hitting on me.

      Relationship is something that comes in a perfect form. Relationship. NEEDS TO BE MAINTAINED with care, love and warmth to keep it attractive.

      Agree some people may not be into texting but that shouldn't be the reason to duck out of the conversation completely. There is always something through which you can express yourself.

      I would say why would you even bother to talk to a guy in a person when you are not ready to have any other sort of communication. What should I assume in that situation?

    • Many people prefer to get to know people more slowly, including friends. That's how it happens organically, but technology seems to encourage some people to try to force it. Usually as a result of their own longing or lonliness. So they're often putting an unspoken demand on the other party, "help me feel better" It can be overwhelming to have another thrust their needs on you without a build up.

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