Is it worth it to start getting to know someone on a dating site who you might not be able see for 3 months?

There's a guy on a dating site I'm really interested in getting to know, but we're 5 hours apart right now and I won't be home until I graduate in December. Is it better to start talking to him now or should I wait until I'm back home?

This seems like a dumb question, but I don't want both of us to have to keep waiting if visiting each other isn't an option. In the past, having to wait to meet me has made guys lose interest after they started talking to me and I don't want that to happen again, but I don't want to lose out on getting to know this guy in case there are other girls interested.


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  • I think it's worth it if you think he is worth the wait. But since you guys are talking you can just take things slow. It's not like you have to rush anything since you have to wait 3 months to meet him. Just as long you and him are communicating regularly then things should be find. You have options here. You both can talk but keep the choice of talking to other people open. You both can talk and try to wait and see what happens. You can start off as friends first and build from their. Their is so many different things you can do. But do what works best for you.


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