Do shy guys do this when they think someones appealing?

I see this guy around a lot lets say. But he seems to kinda avoid me sometimes, like he says hi and bye to me all friendly if we're at the door and one of us is going, but if I'm talking to someone else he'll move far away, or if he's passing me at some point he will be looking off to the distance/not making eye contact purposely. I tried initiating convo with him once and he seemed scared of me/gave me only brief one word answers. I don't think I'm particularly scary and he doesn't know me to avoid me for bad reasons? I dont get it

Like I could be passing by him and as I'm about to cross paths with him, he will move off to the side and stand there until i pass so that we're not even directly passing one another... like wtf am i terrifying this poor guy


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  • He likes you. But he gets tongue-tied and is trying to be cool, not say anything stupid and keep you attracted all at the same time, which can turn some of us into mumbling stuttering wrecks. This happens when we have a certain interest with a girl and put the horse before the cart and put her on a pedestal when she never asked or justified it.

    You want him to talk to you and be less nervous? Put him at ease by being friendly, joking and very easy-going around him. Hopefully in time he will begin to calm down around you. He's probably not that type all the time. Just that you have that effect on him because he likes you.


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  • I'll tell you from personal experience. I use to be this guy. Usually when I really liked the girl and because I use to be very insecure I would only say one word responses because all I wanted to do was impress her but I didn't wanna come off ass stupid. I was really worried about how I came off to her. Maybe this guy is the same way. Just keep talking to him.

  • I know I do this kind of thing personally.
    I do this in fear of that persons opinion of me.
    I dont want that person to think that im weird or a stalker.
    But im also scared of the confrontation.
    what would happen scared to no end.

  • Yes that's what we do lol

    • But why? :( Dont guys try to be CLOSE and talk to girls they like...

    • Not when we're shy or think that you are pretty and you might be taken already. It seems the more we like a girl the harder it is to talk to her. We freeze not on purpose just freeze then after think should have said this , should have done that but in the moment we crumble and forget everything lol it sux but that's most likely how he's feeling. Doesn't want to seem like a creepy or desperate guy either so that's why he looks away on purpose

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