Should I just tell him? Warning long complicated story?

Been good friends with guy. We are very touchy feely and we flirt. We hug and play around... and I think he has feelings but is afraid to tell me. The main reason being another friend had feelings for me but I didn't return them and ended the friendship. Is my guy friend afraid Id end the friendship with him? I have feelings for him though. Should i just tell him and hopefullly hell admit it?

Oh i should also point out he has had feelings before they stopped becaue he didn't want to ruin the frienhip. Im worried he will reject me and I will lose a friend. Weve been friends for two years


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  • Hmmm, I'd say try testing the waters with him, say something like"hey keys go catch a movie" then do the whole teenage thing where slowly move to good hands, that'll let you know if he's kind of on the same page as you. Be very subtle with it because if he's afraid of rejection it may scare hin away to out and say it.


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  • I was in the same exact position you are. I felt the same way about this girl I didn't tell her because I was afraid she didn't feel the same way. How do you know he isn't thinking the same thing you are? Sounds like he is. It's better to do it now then later. I was friends with this girl for about a year before I finally admitted it and got together. But at this point it did not work out. It was just to weird. Do it before it's to late.

  • You should hang out with him sometime and test it all out


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