Why do goes touch girl's ear lobe?

My boyfriend likes to touch my ear lobe when we are close and alone I find it kind of weird lol
Why does he do it?


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  • You are in a relationship with him and don't know, yet expect people on the internet to magically know?
    I understand your desire to understand him, but i don't think this is the right place to find the answers you are looking for; simply because every single answer posted here will be a blind guess based on personal opinions and experiences.

    the ONLY one able to answer this question is... YOUR BOYFRIEND (what a shocker). So instead of asking the internet, i'd suggest you go ask him instad of trusting the blind guesses proposed here. What if they guess wrong? what if you get tons of conflicting opinions? What do you do then? Pick one and pray to tallos that it's the right one?
    Just go ask your boyfriend, please! He's the only one able to know!


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  • There is some notion that behind the ears a person is sensitive and it's an erogenous zone or something, but I think it's just like "wtf?"

  • he wants to clean it


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