So I need help with this guy I don't understand the "talking stage"?

I've been hanging out with this guy for about 7 month and we are very intimate I've gotten to know his family and we are very close but he has been really hurt in the past so I don't know what really going on I don't know of I should lee this going or cut off all ties now
We are really good friend
We less and cuddle
He lets me around his mom
We talk almost everyday on good days
Calls me when he out of towns

He's Ex stills try's to be involved
He doesn't text me back sometimes
He goes 4 or 5 days without talking to me
He makes me cry

  • Stop talking to him and just be friend
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  • Stop talking to him completely
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  • Keep taking to him
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  • Keep talking to him and keep my options open
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What Guys Said 1

  • He must be sab because of something . Try to ask him... Or he is not interested...

    • I've tried he really keeps to himself, his not very open

    • Well then... Forget about him..
      If he likes u.. He'll contact back.. If not then he has taken u for granted

What Girls Said 1

  • He's using you

    • I mean I've really thought about that but it feels like so much more, and he does things for me as we'll... You know?

    • Yes. I know.

      He doenst text you back sometimes
      He goes 4 or 5 days without talking to you
      He makes you cry

      Drop him.

    • It's hard but I should try thank you

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