Are there any clues or red flags a girl should notice when meeting a guy?

When meeting a guy, are there any things you can notice which show that a guy is either just into it for sex or isn't really into you/it?
Silly question probably, but when I meet a guy and I start liking him, I don't wanna be surprised when it turns out he's not looking for a relationship.

Thanks for all the answers!


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  • I don't think you can just tell from the immediate onset unless you've seen him chatting it up with a bunch of girls prior to you which could give the indication that he's mostly a flirt casting a wide net

    but once talking to him look out for...
    - conversations that focus primarily on sex or physical intimacy
    - overly complimentary of your physical appearance, particularly sexual appearance
    - lack of conversation about relationship building or getting to know you
    - obviously a lot of effort or attempts early on at being physical
    - a dating history that is littered with girls and short term relationships
    - if he just seems too smooth, too suave, lots of lines, compliments, pickup lines, etc

    none of these alone are reasons to presume he isn't interested in a relationship but they are signs I'd look for

    • Thanks for your reply, I know it's kinda impossible to see it from miles away but it would be nice to know when it's time to back away slowly :p

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  • A good sign is that in the beginning he's just kind and interested to learn about you as a person.
    If after 30 min he's already into sitting close to you and looking straight into your eyes before even knowing your name consider that a hunt for a one night stand. Time to run!!

  • The best way to figure this out is if he is constantly doing things for you. For example, gifts, compliments, etc. Anything that will make you feel special early on. Guys usually do this deeper into a relationship, when they've gotten to know you better.

  • Not me, when I am interested with the girl I like, I would like to know more of her backgrounds first, to see if she is truly worthy to be my future lover, and if she is not interesting enough, I just ought to be her friend. Sex is not a compulsory in my nature. And marriage is not something I am looking for at the moment. I wouldn't mind having a relationship for months or years without sex. I just wanna keep my virginity until the day I am married to the person I truly love.

    I know I sound delusional, but its the truth. I know I JUST TALK. I am a completely honest person.

  • depends... red flags in my opinion are based on what the individual thinks.

  • oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so sad


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  • Just in it for the sex:
    - He focuses on being physical (either by physically being physical or talking about it) very early on
    - Tells you lines that make you think "I'm sure he has said this to other girls before, too"
    - Comes on very strong
    - Asks you to come to his place, a lot of the times later in the evening (obvious booty call)
    - Has a "bad" reputation, or just a reputation of being with several girls just for sex
    - Basically acts too smooth and confident, as if he has done this many times before

    Isn't into you:
    - Doesn't call/text you back asap
    - Doesn't initiate hanging out/calling/texting
    - Doesn't talk about his private life much (friends, family, what he has been up to lately)
    - Seems distant and hard to get through to
    - Leaves you hanging
    - Doesn't put an effort into contributing to the conversation
    - Doesn't seem happy to meet you (not smiling, not making much eye contact, kind of avoiding you)
    - Doesn't introduce you to any of his friends

    • Oh and, if a guy isn't into you, he probably won't make an effort to compliment you/flirt with you either (unless he just wants to get into your pants).

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    • @nerdyasianman14 nope, I wouldn't.

    • Ohh so you prefer having sex.. I see I see..

  • If he shows you his dick pics, you should watch out.