I need a good take on this from the pros?

This girl I like at work and I used to be pretty close. She used to occasionally blush while talking to me and act nervous. The problem is she's had aong time boyfriend but I don't think he treats her well. Anyways her and I would be up and down back and forth. We'd talk all the time but she'd go missing for a few days then come back. I tried to make her jealous and ignore her. I found out when I was ignoring her she ran to my buddy for attention I guess. He told me it was weirding him out. But I know he thinks she's cute.

Anyway, I am joining her dept soon and there is another position open. The boss of that dept said everyone should know who the other guy is. So i figured my buddy. So I bumped into her and we started asking each other who we think it is. I said Jason my buddy, and she says "oh me too!" And kind of started blushing. I think she knows I get jealous. I also said it as a way to feel her out. She said she thought he would be perfect because he knows the system. I agreed she didn't take her eyes off me and I felt she was trying to get a read on me too. I figured if she liked him she would diverted her eyes or played it off but the blushing threw me off. So then I mentioned I thought it could be this other girl that works at a different location. She's cute girl. When I said the other girls name she didn't say anything and the convo just kind of died. It was awkward so I said "you know Whitney?" And she just said yea and we kind of walked away. Any thoughts?


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  • My thoughts are that she still is in a relationship and that you two are doing a back and forth that is not really helpful for either of you. If you want something to come out of it you should ask her how her and so and so are doing... so and so being her boyfriend. & actually act like you care. Some times our facial expressions are uncontrollable but be aware of what you are doing. Don't worry about if she likes your buddy - I think she is just a nice person and enjoys companionship so the fact she went to him when you were ignoring her, that doesn't mean much.

    • Ok thanks. What do you mean by watch facial expressions? And why don't worry about buddy? Her and I did the back and forth thing for months. We'd meet in the breakroom and talk almost everyday one week then she'd disappear on me then come back. I talked a out other girls around her. I noticed she occasionally flirted with my buddy sometimes right on front of me. I ignored her hard for like 2 months and he tells me she's been walking and talking with him everyday and he even said it was "creeping"
      Him out a little...

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  • I think, her boyfriend doesn't give her enough attention therefore she seeks it from elsewhere, and she has no intention of leaving that relationship.


    That's just her personality and you and your friend is reading too much into it.

    • Thanks I could see that. I don't get the blushing and her going to him then back to me when I give her attention again?

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    • why is she playing this kind if game? What is her point?

    • Some girls just like playing games and getting reactions, some don't even know they're playing games. Be polite and civil, but nothing more.

  • Sounds like she is a little flirt and teaser but doesn't seem to be out of that relationship she was in. You said that she might be in a rocky one too so she probably likes to conversate or get close to other guys. Since she probably can't be this way with her bf.

    • Yes, her and I were talking for months but she had a bf. she would talk with me for days then disappear on me then come back and repeated I became annoyed and started to ignore her for a long time and she ran to my buddy. I didn't know tell he told me about it and said it was weirding him out. Why would she do this?

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    • Agreed. Totally. I trying to drop but I keep coming back.

      What would be the purpose of that mind game? So you think that skipping out was a mind game?

    • Well this is me just assuming I don't know her intentions with you and your friend. Perhaps she is just this way without even knowing you know. Either way I have not time for that bull from a guy I don't think you should waste your time with her even as a friend. Friends or people who care about you have time to chat at least. You probably think she will change if she does cool but don't go looking and begging for some time. Let her know that you aren't about being used.

  • she's still in a relationship... dont confuse her. Let her figure it out on her own.

    • Well how am I confusing her? She is confusing me?

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    • Who cares about your buddy. She's probably just a nice person talking with her coworkers

    • So you think I'm messing with her head? It's all on me?

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  • She's a flirt. But she won't leave her bf.


    She's a flirt and might end her relationship with him. But as soon as u guys get close, she'll go back to her bf.

    I know these types dude. I say don't pursue her unless u have 100% proof she's done with her bf

  • Sounds like you two are just making eachother jealous and playing games. She has a reason, due to being in a relationship of course but she she sounds like she has interest in you but why not take a bold step and ask instead of playing games?

    • Good point man wtf? It was her blushing when I mentioned his name that threw me off but like I said she didn't break eye contact of look away or divert like she was trying to hid something? So then it made me fell like I had to throw Whitney's name out there and she went quiet.

    • Um, I'm nit sure if she was hiding something or not. Couldn't tell you, but eye contact and a lot of it usally means attraction.

    • I meant like how she blushed. I think she knows I get jealous when she talks to him. But she like blushes a d was smiling real big a d like was to acting like she was to hide or pretend anything you know? She just like staring at me smiling. I thought that was interesting. I was trying to read any signs that maybe she like him. Then I mentioned the other girls name and she didn't say a thing...