Why is he doing this? I'm confused?

I've been talking to this boy for a while and we both like each other, another guy friend of mine walks me home and meets me sometimes if we are meeting mutual friends. The boy I am talking with gets annoyed and tells me that I should go sleep with my friend and I don't understand why he does this.


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  • In most cases guys aren't just friends with girls, he probably thinks you might like the other guy, so gets jealous.


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  • bcoz he is over possessive.


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  • i think he might be jealous just boys can be like this they don't like to admit their feelings so in situations like this they tend to get pissed of

    • He is definitely not a feelings and talking about them type of boy

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    • He knows already we've been talking for 4 months and we've done things aha so he know I like him which makes me even more confused as to why he thinks I would go with other boys

    • boys are confusing creatures

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