Is it rude when someone call you on the phone and in the same time texting someone else?

I always tell my exs that i dont like it and its rude , today my female best friend did that i didn't say anything to her because she is my friens not gf but i was kinda bithered do u think ots rude?


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  • Absolutely. Personally I think it's rude if the girl I'm with messes with her phone or takes a call while I'm with her. I don't mind too much if she answers and says "Let me call you back" BAM hangs up the phone, but to me it's still rude that she answered at all. I don't know why we have put cellphones as our life and we have to constantly have them and always answer them when they notify us. They're electronic chains.

    I leave mine at home 99% of the time so it might as well be a landline.