Doess she think I dont like her?

so there was this girl that i met on the first week once i started talking her i began to like her and from then on she talked to me everyday for at least an hour or too i asked
my friends if she knew i liked her and they said it was obvios that i did but about a week ago somebody told her i liked her and i sort of panicked because i was too nervous to tell her how i felt so that weekend i just sat around instead of trying to talk to her and since then we have talked but i still catch her looking at me from time to time but made no effort to aproach me abs i can't tell if she doesn't like me or might like me or just doesn't talk to me because she thinks i am mad at her

how would you feel if this happened to you

also my friends told me she was asking them trying to find out if i liked her and i still
like her but dont know what to do

does that mean just go up to her and talk to her what do i say


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  • In my opinion, after she was informed of your crush on her, she expected you to take the initiative by perhaps asking her to hang. When you failed to do so, however, she was without an answer and thus disappointed. As such, in her pursuit to confirm or disqualify the hearsay, she approached your friends in the hopes of extracting the truth.

    Having said that, I'm assuming she is now certain of your feelings for her. Your friends spilled the beans, I'm afraid. But, she, like many girls, will not approach you or take the initiative to date you.

    Again, she is disappointed that you have not asked her out, etc. She may have the belief that, in your insecurity, you expect her to be the aggressor, or by some chance changed your mind about dating her. So, she keeps her distance until you man up, or not.


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  • I understand the girl's perspective a little bit here. Okay, so I had a guy friend who liked me and I found out and he knew that I knew so he completely stopped talking to me. Not talking makes the next conversation more awkward and harder. Also, by forcing yourself to sort of ignore her makes things awkward and just sends her negative vibes/signals/makes the atmosphere negative. I'm pretty sure if she was willing to talk to you for an entire hour that you have a reasonable chance. Good luck!


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  • If my crush knew I liked her for sure without me having to tell her I'd be so happy. I mean, she might like me, I just don't know for sure either. She likes me as a friend for sure.

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