In a bad spot. Don't know what to expect for school tommrow with her?

Well like why did she have sex with me. When she knows like we really wasn't dating like. She wanted sex so i did it but now like i don't know what ima do or say to her at school tommrow. We really never talked in school much are her feelings gotta set up cause we had sex? What should i do for tommrow? I still didn't wanna date not yet cause i wanted to know her more and i didn't think we would end up having sex. So like I'm confused and stressed cause its like why. Advice Please thanks :)


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  • this is what you're gon do.
    you're gon go to school and try to avoid making any type of contact. no talking no looking at her. dont let her get the chance to see that she may have an upper hand on the situation.
    give her a couple of days to wait out the situation and she'll come to you. if she asks whats been going on just keep your cool and ask her 'should something have been going on'. whatever she replies just dont text back.
    keep the whole talk to her a bit then withdraw from her a lot going. trust me. a guy did this to me once and it threw me offguard. girls just do this typa stuff to see if youl melt at their feet


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