My boyfriend is relocating and leaving me?

so my boyfriend - technically ex who behaves like a boyfriend - told me he's relocating to a different country.
we usually share each other's long term plans and such and we behave like a couple too, our friends and family think we're still together, he loves me and i love him.
to be honest, i dont want him to go, but i can't stop him because he's wanted this forever.
i had hoped that he'd mention something about us going together, but thats really naive of me. and he didnt.
do you think he's thought about me and where i fit into the plan? we've been together 3 years and to just up and leave seems pretty heartless to me.


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  • It sounds like we're in a similar situation but I'm the one leaving. From my pov since I'm moving I love my ex because he is my best friend but at the end of the day we still are not together and even though I love him I have come to the possibility of us getting back together is not going to happen we dated about 4 years ago but still act like we're an item. I haven't told him yet I'm leaving in January but I'm sure he might be sad but I don't think he'll miss me as much as I do him. So to answer your question I think if you haven't been together for years you do have to come to the realization that time hasn't brought you 2 back together then it might be Time to start over. Sometimes you have to let go to do that and it's not like he wants to stop being friends. With the technology we have now Skype, snapchat etc. You may still get back together but maybe it's time to let go.