What does It mean when a guy comes on too strong?

Does It mean that he Is desperate and needy?


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  • Or that he really likes you and he doesn't want to lose his chance. :)


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  • yeah, people get scared off easily. Because people get the feeling they dont reciprocate such eargerness to be wiht you. Not just guys can come to strong. I've been rejected before because of that as well.


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  • It means you're ugly, or don't have enough money. Or both.

    • I'm pretty sure that Isn't what It means.

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    • i think he seems pushy and his face is too square. he often has this expression as if he just forted.,

      id say no. not my type.

    • The notebook taught me that you can be a crazy stalker and profess your love to a strange woman you barely know and climb a ferris wheel and she's not going to be creeped out.
      As long as you look like ryan gossling.

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