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This cute guy put his number in my phone and started texting me and we talked for like ever!. He added me on Facebook and then I asked him if he had an Instagram. He said he didn't. So I told my friend about how he's flirting and we are hitting it off real well. But she tells me she knows him and he does have an Instagram. So we looked at it and it's mostly all pictures of his freaking girlfriend! How do I confront him without saying," hey I creeped on your Instagram."


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  • Don't even bother confronting him. Drop him like a bad habit. If he's flirting with you and trying to lie about being in a relationship he's obviously a cheater.


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  • Why would you want to confront him? It wouldn't lead to anything good. If you want to date him, just don't mention it. If you don't want to, then stop talking to him.

  • Don't do anything, this guy was probably using you as a ego boost. Men do it and so do women, they don't see it as a hurtful thing but rather just taking advantage. If he has a girlfriend and he lured you in like that, he probably has done it to others.


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