I have a date coming up, should I remind her, please help!?

Well about a 10dys ago I met this girl at a party and exchanged numbers, a week ago I call her and ask if we could meet for a cup of tea. She said yes, but she's out of town and would be back on the 1st of Oct.

My question is that should I remind her on the 30th (one day before) or on 1st itself (the day she arrives)?

Also she's quite fond of baby Rhinos... so do you think it would be nice to gift her a Rhino keychain/ soft toy (nothing expensive) when we meet?


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  • Definitely remind her, being on vacation can be a time warp! Why don't you send her a message on the 30, see how her vacation is going, don't mention the date. It will be a subtle reminder to her if you. Then on the day she gets back send her a message confirming where to meet or when to pick her up.


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  • Yeah they do. I've had yellow fever a couple times before myself lol. There's even dating sites exclusively for black women and Asian men. The rhino idea is cute. Go for it.

    • Wow wrong question lol
      Disregard what I said :))

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    • It wouldn't hurt at all to remind her the day before. I think she'd appreciate it actually. It gives off you really looking forward to spending time with her. I wasn't lying when I said the rhino was a good idea either. :))

    • Ok thanks :-D

  • You could just say, "Hey, see you on (whenever your date is)", so it's friendly but doesn't make her think that you thought that she forgot


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