Would you let your bf/gf sell drugs for a "good reason"?

Let's say your love had a parent who was constantly sick, without insurance. But back in their day the parent sold drugs too. So now your s. o. works AND slangs. And they legitimately gave most of both incomes to the bills of that parent. What's your reaction?

  • selling drugs is wrong no matter what
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  • give them time then make them quit
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  • Battling sickness by spreading more sickness is illogical and immoral. I don't mind a little weed, but the drugs you can cash in on are not good for people.


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  • I honestly believe prostitution is a safer way to make money than selling drugs. Drugs hurt and kill people, and the more you sell, the more people who take them. Marijuana is fine, but hard drugs such as Meth and cocaine are horrible for you and even deadly. My family has no money, and we live on food stamps, my father is disabled and I also have health problems, but no matter how hard it got we would never sell something to someone that could potentially harm them.

    • Here's a tip... get rid of your internet.

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    • What sell drug suck I'll agree with you, but saying prostitution is a safer way to make money... wow prostitution is every bit as unsafe for any number of reasons.

      Drugs kills people, but in the end it's peoples own choice to use drugs or not, as long as you don't force them at gunpoint.

    • Marijuana is a bad drug as well, don't believe those who claim Marijuana is safe or less dangerous than alcohol.

      Marijuana abuse is not deadly but every bit as damaging as alcohol abuse is, and it still screws you life.

      A little alcohol is very healthy but even a small bit of Marijuana is still unhealthy (although Marijuana have some good affects as well, hence the medicinal use).

  • There are so many smarter ways to make money in this country, I'd think he's being an idiot.


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  • The chances of getting caught are high and the promise is to be forever poor or have a difficult life forever.

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