Does he value me as a person?

I have been talking to this guy for two and a half months but have only been able to see him in person for the last month when I returned to college. We see each other around twice a week. We both really like each other and I want a relationship in the future. When we first started talking he said that he didn't want to be with anyone until he got out of college but now he has shortened that into a few months because I keep telling him that I want to be with him. The only problem is that he never takes me on dates. The first time he took me out for breakfast but since then he has been short on money since his $3,000 financial aid never came in so I usually come over to "chill". We have not had sex since I am still. Virgin but we have done other things. We have gone to the beach once a coffee shop and the mall a couple of times but usually I just come over to "chill". When I mentioned it to him he said that once his financial aid statement comes in we will have a day where we do all fun stuff together. I am worried about the fact that we always "chill", and the fact that even though I want a relationship now he wants me to wait a couple of months. Does he value me?


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  • He values you, but if he truly is broke, he values his money as well. He's probably getting a slap in the face from reality that it's not all fun. It happens to most kids after high school.

    By that same token, maybe talk to him about some inexpensive, or free things you can do together. Public Parks, museums, things like that. (if you're into that kind of stuff)


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