Is he into me or should I say hell with it and move on?

So i have been seeing this guy for ten months. We get along great and he is an amazing guy and an awesome person. Anyway he has me wondering whether or not i should move on or not. I keep getting mixed signals and it is driving me nuts. I know he likes me cuz he told me. He has made me supper quite a few times and breakfast twice, he is honest with me, and i am with him, about how we feel with each other. We have had the talk about kids at the six month mark, he has introduced me to his parents and i went to school with his sister and was best friends with his brother who passed away last year. That is basically how him and i started hanging out. I got set on fire and spent three weeks in the hispital and he lost his brother while i was in the hospital. We leaned on each other for support and became close. He makes me feel special and likes me for who i am. Well it seems like whenever he starts letting things out about how he feels lately he pulls away for a while. He loves it when i spend the night and gets upset when i don't. We go out for the odd movie every now and then but most of the time we are at his place. He seems to get jelous when i tell him when a guy hits on me at work (i work in a bar) but get relieved when i tell him i threw that person out or flipped on them. We don't get together as much as i like to but i know he is a busy guy. His friends have told me that i take up most of his spare time and we have the same circle of friends pretty much. He knows a lot of people though. The thing that confuses me is he is great one time then the next he just seems off. Could be cuz he had a bad day or sumthin or cuz he let his feelings out the time before but i don't get it. I like him for who he is and he has an awesome personality. Is he possibly upset with himself because he let his feelings go or is it something else. Deep down i know i love him but with these mixed signals how do i tell him or should i even tell him. Hope i can get sone useful advice.


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  • He's definitely in love with you. The best thing you can do for yourself is to just ask him. You've both clearly gone through a lot together and I'd say now is the time to get serious so you can start planning your lives.

    Good luck.


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  • You need to just lay all your cards on the table. When talking to him, rather than phrasing things like "you do this" or "you do that".. say things like "I feel you are pulling away from me"


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