He's leaving for 10 months..what would you do?

so I went out to coffee with this guy..it was a first date sort of thing. he was flirty and really seemed into me, but we both know he is leaving for a job. I really like him and don't know if he likes me. he gave me his e-mail (after I asked for it, but he assumed I already had it) and didn't say "keep in touch". the only thing he did was after I had offered to pay for coffee said "you'll get it next time". should I give up hope or send him an email (he doesn't have mine)?


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  • I think you should send him an email. There's nothing wrong with that. Just keep you're options open because you've only seen him once. Don't put on blinders and completely disregard every other guy out there because you're waiting for him. Keep in touch during the months that he's away (keep it friendly at first) and when he returns take it from there. Considering that he said get it next time, I'd take that as a hint and just send the email. I mean what's there to loose?

  • You've only had one date with him and he's leaving for 10 months...I would suggest moving on unless you think this is the love of your life...b/c long distance is hard.