After an awkward situation , does he like me or not?


I see this guy at work.. am a student and he's an intern. First day to me at work something awkward happened between him & me and it goes like this >
" i asked him about the direction to a specific room in the hospital and he didn't take the time to guide me and felt like he's in a rush so kind of asked me to ask someone else.. sometime later he entered the exact same room ! And i was there ofc.. i was surprised that he knew and he looked surprised to see me too.. later on i told one of the doctors about this situation for fun , and this doctor teased him about it - it was hilarious - so , he apologized about and gave us excuses for what he did."
After that day.. i caught him staring at me a lot , .. he even stands right next to me when addressing a talk to other doctors , and yesterday he stood across me while his whole body was facing mine and was talking to another intern but in the same time looking at me even though i wasn't included in the talk.
Today was the first time he ever talked to me. He said hi and smiled , and i smiled back.
So does he dislike me because i kinda complained about him and put him in an awkward situation. Or he likes me instead?


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  • He definitely likes you xD. He likes you because you were talking about him to someone else which means you're interested =P. Go get him girl ;)

    • Omg he turned out to be married lol xD

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    • People in long-term relationships flirt too, get used to it. Where they draw the line is important though.

    • Yes agreed they do but STARING at someone for that long... That's not flirting.

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