Does this guy like me? Or nahhh?

So i've been dating with this guy for 10 months... i have feelings for him.. he asked me if i have feelings for him? I said yes i have . Then when i asked him back do you? He said i dont know actually... i fell out of love twice.. this thing happen like 1 week ago.. so he went bangkok 2 days ago , we have not meet each other for 3 weeks.. yesterday he texted me saying hi baby i miss you... what does it means? He likes me have feelings for me? Or he just saying it for the sake of saying it?


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  • he did think of you to send you a message. but from a message you can't be sure. talk to him often with skype. see how he'll be towards you when he gets back

    • We did went out a few times i mean a lot of time. Just dat his not sure with what his feelings towards me but he call me his baby sweetheart everything.. but why when i asked him if he has feelings for me he sais he dont know

    • Some people find it difficult to talk about their feelings.. Some are afraid to say 'I love you' because they might get hurt afterwards. He might just not be sure about what he feels yet. But he's being honest with you and that is good. Is your relationship going well? Does he treat you good? Does he show interest and passion? If yes, wait for him to express his feelings when it's the right time for him.

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  • This sounds like a long distance relationship. Long distance relationships don't work.

    • This is not long distance r/s... we did met for a lot of times just dat for these 3 weeks we are busy with our own schedule thats why we are not meeting up.. but when he comes back from bangkok we'll gonna meet. I just wanna know he say i miss you a lot of time means? Does he have feelings for me?

    • In that case, you should try to talk more often so you can tell by his tone and such if he's serious. But I would wager that he is. :)

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