Has anyone actually met someone on tinder?

Are you on tinder? Have you met anyone and later dated that person or hooked up with some one? Take the poll.

And also, Can I find some one I accidentally unmatched on tinder? Or is my opportunity gone? Please let me know

  • yes, I have met some one on tinder
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  • no, I haven't had any luck
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  • im not on tinder
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  • i dont know what tinder is
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I've been on three dates from tinder. I went to AT LEAST second base with each girl the same night. The second girl gave me head and swallowed. I also took her virginity (tip counts). The third girl stayed at my place until 4 AM. We messed around but didn't have sex. I got to suck her tits and she gave me a hand job. She was on her period and claimed to be a virgin as well. I'm still talking to her after a month and we're trying to hang out all weekend. She's the girl I want to take it further with if at all possible.

    • Just to hookup or do you mean further like relationship?

    • Relationship if she's down.

    • Oh wow lucky you man! I just got on it and I maybe talked to this girl like twice and then something happened and she was gone from my matches list after a few hours. Not sure what happened or if she deleted me.

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What Girls Said 2

  • i haven't but my guy friend has... he often stops by for some "dinner" from different ladys places before coming to hang with me. then again he's in a band so that explains a lot... i now refer to him as Pimper Tinder.

    • Lol thats a funny way to call someone or refer to someone.

  • Yes met several. Yes hooked up.. Wasn't planning but clicked real well and somehow happened. Haven't found a relationship from my side but have heard of several guys finding their gf on there. A ton of people at my school use it so it's really popular. Just use good judgment when meeting for the first time.


What Guys Said 2

  • What is tinder? Sorry I'm not hip or with it. XD

  • Yes I have, quite a few times. It's good I guess if you want to hook up, NOT if your looking for a girlfriend or potential wife. Definietly the wrong place to be looking for either one, especially the latter. If you don't mind me asking, why the interest in this?

    • Because I know a few people that are on it but all they have got is the number and haven't gone past that point. So I just want to see if there's people out there who have met others to hook up and/or get a relationship

    • Yeah you can take it further. Not a relationship, that wouldn't be wise, but for FWBs or something like that it's fine, just so long as you two agree on it