How do other private people handle the early stages of relationships?

I am very private with my personal life, so the quickness you're exoected to share these details when dating makes me uncomfortable. For instance, I struggle with some minor anxiety and depression that I now take meds for. It took me YEARS to discuss this with my closest family and friends, but I have to discuss it within a month or so with any new guy, to give him "warning" to decide how he feels about it.

How do other reserved people deal with the forced disclosure of dating?


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  • I'm very private as well. Just tell the guy that it usually takes time for you to open up and "feel safe."

    Hope this helps


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  • When in love, you've got to trust your partner. Almost as if they were a part of you... though I'm reserved, when I fall for someone, I'm usually very trusting...

    Don't hold your guard up. The initial months are perhaps the best time of your lives together. They will never return. Why lose this time to suspicion and doubt?

    • I don't feel like love really exists the first month. Excitement, maybe. Hope, attraction and the beginning of freeing ship, perhaps. You're basically strangers still after only a month though.

    • *friendship. Dang auto correct!

    • What's love anyway? Does it really exist?

      If you're talking about the excitement and attraction and chemicals that make one feel different, that's love then ;-)

      So best to lower your guard, and trust someone...

      (PS: I've been only in a few relations, so I'm not so distrustful of people who come into my lives. They tend to stay with me, in one way or another, for rather long, long times)

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