I think a really popular boy likes me?

My friends tell me that. And I've noticed things also, he comments my make up (in a good way) and flutters my hair everytime i go past him, and between the lessons he asks me what we have after the break but later i found out that he already knew. I am not really that popular but in my school everyone is divided in groups but i hang out with many more and people tell me that i am really social. to 1-10 i think i am at 7 in popularity. Because of the groupings (a big school with 5 classes in every grade and 20-25 in every class) not many know what others name is, but literally everyone know, but I've never talked to them. I am not here to brag but i just dont know if the most popular boy in the school likes me?


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  • Popularity means jack shit I'll tell you that. Literally anyone can fall in love with anyone. The boy surely likes you, make a move as he did :)!


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