How to get out of a guy's friend zone?

I got placed in the dreaded friend zone. I'm not really upset about it because I like this guy enough to be happy with being really good friends. However, if things could be more, I would love it.

So that leads to my question, how do you get out of a guy's friend zone? Is it even possible?
Any and all advice is appreciated!


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  • Ain't happenin' girl. Sorry to say.

    I mean, okay. There IS a possibility, now I don't know how you look but you gotta remember, guys are often INCREDIBLY visual creatures.

    You could get in better shape (if you aren't already, I don't know how you look) and see if that lights his fire. But even if it did, would you want someone so superficial?

    • I'm not in shape, but I am working on it.

    • Good luck, if you manage to succeed, be careful. He may be a shallow guy (keyword MAY, it's okay to require physical attraction between two people but make sure it's not his only priority).

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  • Just tell him how you feel. If you want out of the friends zone, then tell him you like him. I placed it in hypothesis form, hehe. :)

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