I don't know how to react on this..what should I do?

I just found out that my friend hooked up with a guy 2 nights ago who turned out to be THE GUY that I hooked up with about a month ago. Feb 14.

I don't know if I should be mad or jealous or laughing at the situation. We met at a bar and it was the day after he broke up with his girlfriend, but he seemed nice (I'm referring to the guy I was talking about in my other question: "would I want to be the rebound girl? ")

It has been a month since the guy and I met and danced (and made out with). But it's been a week since we last messaged each other.

It just shocked me because he's now hooking up (the same way. As in they met in a bar, danced, and made out) with someone I know! And that someone I know is the same person I had guy troubles with a few months ago (see my question: "what the heck is going on?! I don't understand him! "). And she happens to be my friend.

For the sake of my friendship, I didn't even bother dating the first guy. I wouldn't want to ruin my friendship with, well, my friend.

the thing I'm worried about with THIS guy is, I might make the same sacrifice I did with the first one. I might just think that, "for the sake of my friendship", I'd "give" him to HER, since, you know, what we had was just a "one night fling". I get the feeling that she likes him AS MUCH AS I like him.

My friend and I talked about it. And I think we both pretended to be casual about it. Another thing I'm worried about is, being that my friend is so much prettier than me (some insecurities of mine. ), HE'D compare us and CHOOSE HER.

I just needed to vent. I seriously don't know what I'm feeling. Mad? Frustrated? Hurt? Jealous.

but I'm definitely shocked.

and confused.

I need some advice.


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  • Forget about him girl, he seems a player and you don't want to put your self in a bad situation if he decided to decide between you and her. In another word you may get hurt more than you do now.



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