If I don't talk to the guy I am dating every day, is that a bad sign?

Me and this guy have been dating now for about 2.5 months and we don't really talk every single day. Sometimes we only exchange one text and sometimes, if I didn't text him... I doubt we would exchange any at all. We do see each other 1-2 a week though and we acknowledge one another as our man/woman.

The whole not really talking thing though, is that a bad sign?

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  • Talking on "most" (5 days a week) days should be more than enough.

    • Lol more like three days a week. One phone call and two times seeing each other.

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    • Lol how do i do that. It is too soon to pick MHO.

    • Are you leaving a begging man hanging? I actually need that promotion right now. Rate my opinion as best. I actually need it right now for a comment I just typed.

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What Guys Said 2

  • its no biggie as long as there is communication within moderation.

  • If your trusting of each other, not insecure, respect each other by not acting in a manner that makes your partner insecure in the relationship, both like your independence, and are also clearly into each other.. good news! you've found a healthy relationship! congrats!


What Girls Said 2

  • I don't think it's necessarily a bad sign. Everyone doesn't feel the need to talk to someone their interested in every day. Maybe you want to have more things to talk about so you don't tell him everything and everything about you and what you're doing at once. As long as you're very into him, I wouldn't worry.

  • Well... If you want more than a date, I mean, a relationship, you both should talk more. In my opinion. Otherwise, it can make him think you just want a flirt.

    Did I help you? :)

    • I agree... I guess we just don't have a lot to talk about lol. Still fresh.

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    • You are anonymous, I don't know your question.

    • I can give the links ;)

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