Did I get to excited and scare her?

Ok so I am the run of the mill coming back to Catholicisim older teen. I was getting discouraged because I couldn't find a nice christian girl let alone catholic. (Just to highlight, going to rock the universe i found a girl she kissed 3 other guys that night). So I did what most lonely people do these days and turn to the internet! I met the most amazing catholic girl ever and she doesn't live absurdly far. She has had some anxiety and emotional stuff in her past but she is recovering and remarkably well adjusted. The first week we texted paragraphs and spent hours on skype.
One night she told me she wanted to cool it with the romantic bits of our relationship (It had only been a few weeks). And after meeting her friends we did. But now I'm lucky to get a sentence from her and lucky to get an hour with her on skype.
Am i reading to much into this or did i get over excited and scare her off?


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  • It's possible that she is just distancing herself to try and reach a less romantic level with you. (Did she ever give a reason for wanting to stop the romance?) The fact is that if she wanted to cool things down it could be anything from a lack of interest in dating all-together to a realization that she isn't feeling a spark. It very well could not have been anything done on your behalf! Best thing is to respect her wishes and continue to keep looking for your dream girl. (I promise you, catholic girls aren't a dying breed, you just haven't had any luck finding us yet!)

    • Her reasoning is that she is still deciding if she wants to be a nun or not :/ I'm the same way but I believe in sticking to one course until its clear.

  • No, your relationship is just fizzling out of the beginning stages. Try not to be too clingy, then show up and surprise her with flowers or something.

    • Ok thanks, I've been doing that and we talked things out and she is just wanting to go slower until she is sure what she wants to do with her life.

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