Iv been taken for granted my whole life so is it normal not to care wheather I have a gf or not?

Iv been taken for granted my whole life so is it normal not to care wheather i have a gf or not? ...


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  • I dont want to say "normal" because as I have learned the word is subjective. I WILL say that it is reasonable. Why? I've been taken fro granted all my life so I know what you feel. You're nice to people and they are the biggest as*holes to you. I had one "friend" who messaged me up after I haven't seen her for a long time. I'm not even her best friend or whatever and she doesn't say "hi" or anything. Just "HELP! Find me an easy GE for me to take."

    GE = general education class

    Screw what people say or think about you. We are the masters of our own life, We are the captains of our own ship. We don't need the opinions of anyone around us. We are strong on our own. Although real and true compliments from family, friends and loved ones are nice once in a while.

    i don't have a boyfriend either and I don't care either. So we're in the same boat. I chose to focus on my career first

    • thanks for the advice :-). 1 thing I know is there isn't many people like us out there

    • No problem. Yeah, and when we find that one person that won't take us for granted, our fight will be so worth it!!! (:

    • Thank you for the MHO!!

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  • May be u show dem girls ur too much into them so they take advantage of that. Do a woman like i dont care too much , dont tell her, but just act cool let her be the one to be all over you den u are in control. Dont ignore her either. just dont be in the extremes


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