She gave me her number when I didn't ask for it but?

I recently was given a number from a girl on OKCupid (I didn't ask for it). We have been discussing meeting somewhere and going to lunch/dinner sometime soon. She has canceled on me three times now. She says she is sorry and really isn't a flake. She texted me last Saturday and Sunday about why she can't make it and is quick to reply to my texts when I send them. I haven't sent her a text for 5 days now.

Should I bother texting her to try and set something up again or should I forget about it? If she is really interested in me I figure she would text me again sometime but I don't want to lose the opportunity.

Oh yeah I disabled my OKCupid account and deleted my Tinder profile. I'm so burned out on not getting replies from girls on OKCupid and never getting matches on Tinder.


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  • Just text her and see what happens. The worst is she flakes again but I have a feeling she won't. Good luck.

    • I decided not to call but yesterday she texted me saying she is bummed we never got to meet. We should be meeting this Saturday. I think that the ball is in my court for now at least.

    • Yes it is.

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