I'm at my limit I need to tell her how I feel but she has a boyfriend in another state. what do I do?

Ok im 22 and she is 19 and i liked this girl since April. we begin to become closer. but the only problem is apparently she had a boyfriend in another state away at college and i had no idea (She never Told me she had one). i didn't find out till like 2 months ago. now at campus she will text me sometimes to meet her at our usual spot like once a week and we will talk and then we will migrate to the cafe her idea, and she will go buy food and off to buy me food For example Cookies at subway as i wait for her. she will mention things we can do like she said when can we go get sweet frog which is ice cream, or when we can go to the movies. she heard i was hanging around a mutral friend a lot and that a group of us went out and then she asked me how it went and stuff and kept asking if i liked the girl or not liek she was on a mission to get it out of me. now i dont have any problems hanging out with her but i feel like im being her friend in a shady way hiding my feelings and i just wanna tell her "Hey i know we can hangout and stuff like get ice cream or the movies as friends but you have a boyfriend although it seems harmless but i have feelings for you and i don't feel right knowing you have a Boyfriend cause i like her" i honestly don't know what to do or why she acts this way towards me


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  • If u like her and u want to tell her, then just go for it. Because you don't know how serious she is about this guy. Maybe she has secret feelings for you too. You never know until you try. It's worth a shot


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