Do you think he likes me? Tell me your honest opinions.

Okay, so there's this guy who just moved here and this is his first year here.
And he's in one of my classes.
He's so perfect and amazing... He's sooooooo nice and just such a gentleman!
So like I've liked him since the beginning of the year and he's in my dreams a lot and he's omg perfect

But I see him with other girls.. he's really smart and he's one of the smart kids but he's always with those girls who aren't as smart.
THey seem to be good friends,... he waits for them outside their classroom often. :(

But then in class I SOMETIMES catch him looking at me. I get like all butterflies in my stomach and squeeeeee
today i presented my history thing and i saw him look at me

well he should right, it's a presentation lol
I don't know.
And today I was walking and i saw him behind me and then i turned around and then i realized he was looking at me
And then today I was stalking his social net work page, and then all of the sudden, he sent me a friend request!!!

We've never talked but he sent me a friend request OMG!
And then i thought about it and realized how he just moved here and he doesn't have many friends on Facebook from our school, so it would be hard to find me. We only have like 5 mutual friends. Idk.
Guys, Girls, do you think he likes me? XD


Most Helpful Guy

  • CALMMM DOWN... and breathe!

    man, i almost forgot what that was like.

    go for it! start doing things to get him to notice you, smile when he looks your direction, and go from there.

    and you def should get on his friends list, but if he seems uninterested, delete him.


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  • He probably doesn't have a crush on you. He might think you're cute, but chances are if he's talking to other girls he likes one of them. Try to get to know him more, and see how things work out.


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  • ummm, sounds like he is polite and thinks you're pretty.

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