Drunk/buzzed texts an excuse?

I'm sure we've all had it. Where r it was us or someone doing it to us. Sending that one risk text.

Have you ever had it where someone has doing it to you?

Happend to me recently with a friend of mine.. to was a mixed of happiness and awkwardness for me.


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  • It depends. There r somtimes where I don't regret what I said at all because in was to shy or to much of a chicken to say how I really felt and being drunk/buzzed helped me stand up for myself and it fixed things. But there are times where u say somthing u shouldn't have. It depends haha


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  • I just get a bit more emotional and loving when I'm drunk. I urgently need all my friends to know I love them.

    My friends drunk text me all the time, to tell me they love me hahaha.
    I'm usually like... "Dude, why have you just texted me? I'm literally standing right beside you..."

  • I've drunk texted.. Regretted it every time.


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