Ever asked someone out more than once bc they didn't respond the first time?

ideally you ask once yes or no and thats it regardless of what they say.. but some times a situation can be complicated.

for me I'm big on yes is yes and anything else is no. but I'm in a weird situation and i asked his guy out and his reaction was strange and i never got an answer.

I'm thinking of asking him once more and being very clear that I'm asking for a yes or a no and if he can't do that i just take it as a no by default and move on knowing i tried.

i dont mind asking again as far as the time and effort it takes. i just feel a bit odd bc asking the one time shouldve been enough. but i think ill del better walking away if i know i was explicitly clear and gave him a chance to answer,.

still part of me feels once shield have been enough for anyone who was interested.

in guess i want to ask again but i feel like he doesn't deserve it. not hymn but anyone... but i want to do it for me. so i know for sure. do you think thats ok?


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  • go ahead and try again... but tell him if you dont get an answer, you're moving on.

    then move on if he says nothing.

    there isn't much you can do with standoffish guys, girlfriend. if we dont say yes we're either uninterested or in a relationship, at least usually.

    • he's not standoffish he's emotional. and he's not in a relationship and he is interested he's just pissed about something. but he's not willing to communicate tharts not my problem.

      anyhow i agree with you. ill toss the offer out there one more time and tell him if he doesn't answer I'm moving on and ill mean it.

  • It took me three times to finally get a date with my girlfriend. The first two times she said she was busy, which I felt could have either been genuine reason for not being able to or just an excuse to spare my feelings. On the third attempt she said yes.

    If you didn't get an answer the first time you asked him, definitely ask again. But if he says he's not interested, don't pursue any farther.

    • if he said he was busy id be ok with that its an answer after all. if he said he's not interested id kliose interest immediately so its moot.

      he says he's interested and i think he is. modest people do... he is just refusing to respond. like he doesn't trust me.. like its a trick or ill have something on him. which is really f*cked up bc i dont play games.

      anyhow ill just tell him I'm going to be and he's free to join me. and iill let him know if he does not show up or if he doesn't present an alternative then I'm moving on.

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