Guys do you lose all hope when a girl calls you her BFF?

Say this girl talks about you a lot with her sister and best friend, but she sometimes calls you her BFF. How would you feel in this situation? Give up all hope of a relationship and remain friends? Or continue trying?

This may or may not apply to me, just wondering what you guys would do in this situation.


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  • Auu all hopes are not lost. Guys just forgot how to click with a woman so they end up staying BFF. Example, if a girl talk to you all day long you think nothing of it. But let's say she can make you click. She make your fantasies come true without you telling her. Maybe it's you forcing her on the bed and foreplay helpless little sheep. Same here. If you know your friends wildest fantasies she can't help but to driven wild. Buuuut that's if you got the guts to go that far. Literorica can help guys. Would I keep trying? If she wants to remain friends, then I'll respect that but I will not keep my life on hold while we're BFF. Pursuing her will only lead to heartbreak if she mean it. But you just got to open up and see how it goes. Reject and stay BFF move on. If she says yes but take it slow, know how to click with her.

    • Makes sense, thank you.

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  • A guy should try being funny with it.
    Example: Girl: " Come on stop playing your my best friend!"
    Guy: (with a laugh and a smile) Oh so you really just gonna friend zone me like that ahaha!

    Examine her response.

    • That's extremely risky though haha

  • Depends. A guy BFF to me is 100% dating material. I wouldn't want to be in a relationship where the guy wasn't my best friend. So BFF would be the ultimate make-your-move signal, for me. Whereas some girls may only call a guy their BFF if they have no romantic interest in him.

    • That's what I'm worried about, guess time will tell at this point.

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  • Oh absolutely not. I have been called just a friend before and went on to date that same girl. It's easy to turn it into something more since you already know the young lady much better than the vast majority of people or competition.

    • Yeah you may be right, this actually made me feel better about my situation. Thanks :D

    • You got this. Just be that guy that she keeps saying or thinking wow I wish I met a guy like you or I wish my exboyfriend was like you. As soon as you hear those words you are in prime position. Just treat her with respect and like you would want someone to treat your sister in the same situation and you'll be fine.