Can't tell him ! What should I do?

For over a year I've been seeing this lovely guy now. It's nothing serious but it feels serious. We live 2 hours apart and because of work we can only meet up
Every four weeks but he always drives to me. We text every day all day and its him he always texts me first we call and chat for hours aswell , we care for each other and fancy the pants off each other to , we have said we have a connection and I said we have sexually and he said is that all? Sexually? Thought we connected more ! .. and we do and I've told him this. I can't get enough of him always thinking about him. Last time we was together we was walking up a stairs in a club and he said " that guy was looking up your skirt behind you !! And as we caught each others eyes I gave him a dirty look " ... I didn't notice this but felt nice and it feels like he's protective over me. Deep down I think I'm falling for him but trying not to !! As we live so far apart and it can't be serious? . We are so alike it's scary !! It's like he's a male version of me we laugh we joke , like the same things etc and the sex is amazing ! There's a spark between us , I can't tell him how I'm feeling deep down because like him we find it hard to show emotion , what should I do? Just enjoy the things we do together and just let things go with the flow?

Sometime when I don't reply straight away to his texts he would text again and again , it's like he's worried?


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  • Ahh he's good, he likes you and cares about you but won't tell it so just go with the flow and see where it leads.

  • Well, if you're a good fit, have spark, have fun, are into each other, feel for him, know that he's into you.. what is missing that you're looking for? Sounds like a no brainer to me. What's he missing that you're looking for? Sounds like you've got what many are searching for to me.


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