Help me, friend gf like me?

I have very good friends and most have gf's. Every time I meet my friends Gf after a while my friends start getting jealous of me. They say that there Gf's seem to like me more than them? Im not trying to boast or brag but it has been a problem for me a long time now, Its become so bad that my Best friend doesn't even want me to go out with them even if I have a Gf. I know i may come across as a natural flirt but its just who i am.

Girls any advice on how I must proceed? I will never ever cheat or even cheat on one of my friends gf's.
I dont wanna loose my friends but i also dont wanna be the reason if they break up


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  • Go for it man you will be sorry at the end if you reject a girl who wants you.

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