Am I reading the signs wrong? (Girl answers appreciated)

Hey everyone,

following text might become a little too long for most of you, so I apologize upfront!

I don't really know where to start, so I'm just going to tell it at the whole beginning to give you as much insight as possible.

So I'm playing online games alot, and about half a year ago a girl joined my guild / club. We didn't talk much but about 2 months ago we got along pretty well. We started to flirt over chat a little with ingame visuals and were just joking around...

Last month I decided to meet some friends in a town 500km from here and wrote in the forums that I'd be interested to meet others from my guild, too. Well, two replied and she wasn't one of them... Next time I went online I was like "Meh, just two suckers want me to meet them..." and she was like "Well, you didn't ask me ;)". And that's where it all started.

Since the trip to the other friends has been canceled I messaged her, that I'd be free over the full weekend and asked if she would be ok with it for me staying over night since I didn't really want to drive 5 hours total and just stay like 2-3 hours ;) (though I didn't tell her the last part, I just asked ;))

She was okay with it and so it went on. Last weekend I met up with her and we had quite a fun time. We watched some movies, talked alot, went to buy stuff for diner and then made and had diner, went out with her dog, played with the dog - simply put, I think we had quite a fun time.

Since I'm pretty stupid when it comes to girls (I just don't behave like guys with experience and I myself am pretty unconfident) I made no move to kiss her or such. My friend wonderes about that and just said something like "Well, I would have made a move"

He said this because he knows, that if I take such actions, like driving 200km to meet a girl and even stay overnight, I just have to be interested in her. He knew before me, but - like always - he is right.

I really got along with her pretty well. I smiled a lot more than I usually do, I like her appearance, and during the time I drove home I just thought about her - and still do a lot.

So, we were chatting during all this week, sometimes I write her first, sometimes she does. Then it's silent for an hour, then one of us writes something again. We're talking about our days and quite some other stuff.

I mentioned that I really had fun the last weekend and that I'd had quite some fun the past weekend - she agreed - then I told that I pretty much would like to redo this and she said "sure, as for me gladly" (translated word by word, might not be understandable, sry if that's the case)

Directly after that she replied and mentioned that this weekend she has no time due to her best friend (female) visiting and saturdays she's been invited to a double birthday party (and I really do trust her on that, so I don't mind that too much).

So as days passed by just an hour ago I mentioned that I'd like to go to the cinema with her to watch a movie (zack and miri make a porno *g*) .

She replied "gladly" to that question. I'm going to ask her if she has plans for the weekend after this and hopefully she'll have time. So my question is. Is it possible that she might has more than 'friend-feelings' for me, too.
I know that she had a long distance relationship before (same distance, actually next to my town), so that would possibly not concern her as much as it does to me.

What do you girls think? Or am I thinking too much into it?
I might aswell add, that she herself is a really open minded person. She has A LOT of friends and gets along with others pretty well.


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  • It sounds like she might have a thing for you, but it's also hard to tell because you don't have much body language to go by. Body language is the biggest indicator of people's true feelings.

    • This is very true :)

      I'll totally be more aware of that fact next time we meet. I mean I do know what the indicators are, last time I just wasn't paying good attention to it.. I was just too nervous, haha

    • Oh yes, good ol' nerves! Well I wish you luck, anyway!

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