I struggle to be my full self with girls I like. Anyone the same?

Does anyone have trouble of fully being them selves with someone they like?

I have been told im good looking guy i attract a lot girls but i fail to keep there interest I may bore them maybe,
Naturally im bubbly & have a cheeky sense of humor i joke around quite abit with girls that i dont have interest i dont mind acting little foolish or saying funny stuff and jokes.

But as soon as i find someone i really like it all goes away i hold back on showing that side of me because the fear of them thinking im a idiot or saying something they might think offensive or rude and then ruining my chances of them liking me and progression. anyone else the same any tips?


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  • When I like a guy, I sometimes even ignore him or I am to shy to talk to him. I really think about what to say and then it just sounds stupid. While there is no problem if I talk to people I don't know or just friends. They generally tell me I have good stories, but I talk too much sometimes. People that make me uncomfortable get the same reaction from me, ignorance or stupid things I will say.


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